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Hello i am Alexia, a young neuroscientist from Germany, interested in how learrning shapes our brain. I am a PhD-student at the AE Educational Neuroscience Lab, supervised by Dr. Mareike Grotheer at the Phillips University Marburg. Here I am investigating  the neural basis of learning and skill acquisition, especially reading.
Being able
 to read is a fundamental daily task for most of us - but how our brain forms a word, a text or an entire story from a few strokes and dots has not yet been fully researched. With the help of fMRI experiments, I want to get to the bottom of this question and am currently investigating how the Visual Word Form Area (OTS-words) work. 

Check out my latest preprint about what happens when we read text vs. emojis: 
"Both mOTS-words and pOTS-words prefer emojis over text stimuli during a reading task" 



About me

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